What is Apraxia?

  • Apraxia is a neurological disorder that can disable or limit the motor function of an individual even though the muscles are healthy. Apraxia can present itself in many ways, one form is oral apraxia. This can effect one's speech or ability to perform certain tasks such as eating or pronounciation. We offer orofacial myology services to improve speech, eating & appearance.
    Christina's approach is a unique combination of orofacial myology and sensory integration therapies to enable clients to speak better, eat better and have functioning relationships.
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Many feeding techniques can be used to increase sensory organization. I will explain and show you techniques you can use and bring home to help your child improve.

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Apraxia is a neurological condition that can make it extremely difficult or impossible for those afflicted with it to perform certain motor function.

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Orofacial Myology

Defined as "the study and treatment of oral & facial muscles as they relate to speech, dentition, chewing/bolus collection, swallowing & overall mental & physical health"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can apraxia be detected using an MRI scan?

No, MRI scans cannot detect the abnormalities caused by apraxia of speech.

Can CAS (Childhood Apraxia of Speech) be cured?

No cure is currently in site but with hard work and great support tremendous progress can be achieved

Is Apraxia a Disability?

If his\her apraxia is a primary condition or associated with another you may be elegible for disablity benefits. Contact your Social security office for more information or visit the sites listed below.

SSA.GOV - Benefits
SSA.GOV - Family Disability

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